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AquaBlock, LLC


AquaBlock - Founded in 2017 is rapidly becoming the most sought after construction technology for flood mitigation.  Most cities  of each municipality now require the land developer, to have a civil plan showing the flood mitigation of the proposed project.  The land developer is keenly aware of this fact. 

Up until very recently,  the customary solution to this problem was to construct a very large retention pond located typically in the rear of the property, to retain the rain water during a storm. This is not only a very expensive undertaking, but also creates a burden and places a limitation on the size and scope of the project due to the now constrained  (after the retention pond) space. 

Aquablock comes with the solution.  The civil engineer determines the cubic feet of water storage needed for your specific property, then uses this math to determine storage of the required water by using the entry, parking lot, etc  to store the water detention  required by the city  planning commission for the said property 

AquaBlock virtually eliminates the retention pond, completely. Developers are able to increase the construction footprint, and maximize their project for optimum profitability. Furthermore, Aquablock has Patent Pending technology which allows movement of the water throughout the system of blocks within a horizontal plane, elimination of stagnate water. 




Steve the founder and inventor of AquaBlock, has spent  the past decade directly involved with the construction side of commercial flood mitigation projects.  Now the team leader with AquaBlock


chuck durrenberger 

Mr. Charles Durrenberger -  Has spent his life growing many successful corporations. Mr. Durrenberger is a  leader with John Maxwell for motivational speaking. His role with AquaBlock will be to organize the sales force, and to create growth within the United States, as well as secure distribution of the product.

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