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Why take up valuable expensive square footage of your current project for an unusable, wasted space "retention pond"?  Let our engineers see if you may be able to  completely eliminate the need for a retention pond, all while increasing the project square footage. 

AquaBlock  is the perfect solution to comply with strict city flood mitigation protocol that is  necessary for job permitting.  Why waste precious, expensive, Real Estate on something that takes up space, and has absolutely no profitable function. 

Why spend money on an expensive retention pond that just takes up space. Wouldn't you rather add another apartment building, or make the strip center larger? 

AquaBlock is currently the very best permanent flood mitigation compliance alternative in the United States. Our Patent Pending system allows for complete flood mitigation and migration, with patented  horizontal "cross flow" technology, that allows for complete fluid water  distribution withing the system. 

Why spend money to render a large portion of your precious development obsolete. You paid good money for your land, why not use all of it?

“Are you in the Planning stages?.” AquaBlock can work with you to help you maximize the profitability of your project.

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